You can still avoid taxes at 70 1/2 by reducing your Required Minimum Distributions

If you are over age 70 1/2, you are required to make minimum distributions from your IRA. Those are referred to as RMD’s or Require Minimum Distributions.

If you’re like many people, you don’t really need those RMD, aren’t spending them, and wouldn’t take the money out of the IRA (and pay the taxes) if the government weren’t forcing you to.

Did you know you can defer part of those distributions past age 70, all the way until age 85? Has your advisor told you about that?

If we can help you defer taxes until later, so you don’t have to take the money right now every though you are 70 1/2, call my office at 417-882-1726 and we’ll schedule a time to show you how we can help.


J. Barry Watts is a Tax Strategist helping business owners and retirees reduce income taxes this year and every year going forward. You can reach him at