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When Running a Business or Retiring, If You Don’t Get the Taxes Right, Nothing Else Matters.

We have the expertise to empower you to make informed decisions with your money. We help people like you save thousands in taxes each year.

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The tax code is full of rules that say you MUST pay taxes, but there are exceptions to every rule.

Our team of tax attorneys and enrolled agents help business owners reduce income taxes immediately. Our clients reduce income taxes by a minimum of $20,000 every year, and some save as much as $100,000 in taxes. Imagine what you could do to benefit your family and retirement if you saved this much.

Get the answers you need and get ready to start saving on taxes. 


5 Ways to Plug The Holes In Your Wealth Bucket

What happens when the bucket that holds all your wealth has holes that are slowly leaking out all your hard-earned money?

Taxes are inevitably going to rise during your retirement. It’s already written into the law.

Most Americans are already virtually guaranteed to pay higher taxes in retirement. This situation becomes even more serious after you turn 70 and a half, and the government requires you to make minimum distributions from your IRA. They will then control the rate you will be taxed.

You can protect yourself from higher taxes. But you need to act quickly.

Request a 30 minute tax talk with Barry, now. 

5 Ways to Plug The Holes In Your Wealth Bucket

What happens when the bucket that holds all your wealth has holes that are slowly leaking out all your hard-earned money?

At Saving You Taxes, we love CPAs and we believe everyone should use a CPA to make sure their taxes are in compliance. 

But a CPA’s education seems to be focused largely on debits and credits and not so much on tax regulations, or the business-side of having a practice and attracting more clients.

We help CPAs like you double your income or better and we provide you with the information and guidance you need, to answer your clients’ most urgent questions about taxes.

Up your game. Build a better practice and make your clients stick with you.

5 Ways to Plug The Holes In Your Wealth Bucket

What happens when the bucket that holds all your wealth has holes that are slowly leaking out all your hard-earned money?

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J. Barry Watts Photo

J. Barry Watts

Tax Strategist and Retirement Designer

Tax Elimination & Reduction is the chief priority for the founder of American Tax Strategies and our principal strategist, J Barry Watts. He helps business owners reduce their income taxes through immediate tax savings this year and every year going forward. When it comes time to sell their business, he helps owners reduce or eliminate the capital gains taxes. Those same business owners then draw tax-free income through all of their retirement years.

For a quarter-century Barry has helped business owners understand what is possible, and work with their professional advisors like CPA’s and tax lawyers to create the desired outcome for the owners—always while paying the least amount of taxes possible.

His Credentials, Awards, Articles, and Media Mentions Include:

  •  2019 Hall of Fame, InsurMark 
  • 2018 Certified Tax Master
  • 2018 Admitted to practice before the IRS
  • 2017 Contributing Author, Retire Abundantly
  • 2017 Insurmark, #2 Tax Strategist Nationwide
  • 2017 Shareholder, First Financial Resources, Newport Beach, CA
  • 2016 Fellow, American Tax Planning Institute
  • 2014-2015 Host of MoneyMatters on CBS affiliate KOLR.
  • 2013 Keynote Speaker Nat’l Investment Bankers Assn, New York, NY
  • 2012 Keynote Speaker, Investment Bankers Assn, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2006 Leader’s Council, Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.
  • 2005 Chairman, Money University, Springfield, MO
  • 2004 Chairman’s Council, Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.
  • 2004-2005 Host of The Money Show on KWTO 560 FM
  • 2002 quoted in SmartMoney
  • 2000 Certified Financial Planner™
  • 1994 Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Series 7, 24, 28, 63, & 65

Eric Burlison Photo

Eric Burlison

Tax Planner & Retirement Designer

Who better to guide you through the complex maze of tax regulations than a person responsible for writing the tax laws? Eric Burlison is a Tax Planner & Retirement Designer helping individuals reduce taxes, prepare for retirement, and protect themselves from the growing costs of Long-Term Care. Serving as a Senator in the Missouri legislature gives Eric intimate knowledge into Federal & State tax law. He received his Masters in Business Administration from Missouri State University, and enjoys hunting and fishing the Ozarks. Eric & his wife Angie are actively involved in Destiny Church in Republic, MO. They live in Battlefield with their two daughters, Reese and Aubrey. 

Nola Peterson Photo

Nola Peterson


Nola Peterson has worked alongside Barry since 1998, when the company had only one filing cabinet with only one-half drawer of client files. Since that time she earned her NASD Series 7, 24 and 63 certifications and became an expert not only in managing the back office of a highly productive financial firm with hundreds of clients, but in managing customer service and communications for clients of the firm.

John Peterson Photo

John Peterson


John Peterson joined his wife Nola in supporting Barry in 2000 providing back office administrative and processing support. John earned insurance, NASD series 7, 63 and 65 certifications, and handles all of the application processing to open hundreds of new accounts every year while implementing the money management among those accounts.

Higher taxes are coming.

J. Barry Watts is an Enrolled Agent (EA) Tax Strategist. 

Enrolled Agents (EAs) are the only profession that has specific tax code training from the Internal Revenue Service. Many CPAs, who are experts in accounting, look to EAs as the experts in tax. Like attorneys and CPAs, EAs can represent taxpayers before the IRS if needed, and they can help you develop tax strategies that will close the tax hole in your money bucket.

While accountants often help you prepare income tax returns using government forms, they generally don’t forecast future taxes and strategize on how to minimize them. They record what happened last year.  As Enrolled Agent specializing in tax strategy will evaluate your past returns and your current situation to analyze and recommend tax strategies that may be best for you. Importantly, these are proven strategies that are already written into the IRS Code. If you implement those strategies, they will reduce your income taxes.  

Bottom line: When it comes to money, if you don’t get the taxes right, nothing else really matters.

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